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Active Lincolnshire is committed to providing opportunities for everyone in Lincolnshire to be active every day. We work with partners to address inequalities and inactivity, responding to the needs of people and places.

Our Work

As advocates for the positive power that physical activity has on everyone’s lives, we work in partnership to improve understanding, influence change, and tackle the challenge of inactivity.

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Our Knowledge Hub is the core of our website. Here you’ll find our guidance, advice, insight and support in all areas of physical activity and sport.

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Want to get involved with us? We depend on your collaboration to create and influence meaningful change. Find out how you can help Lincolnshire move more.

On Your Feet Britain

Join 2 million office workers across Britain with a day of moving while you work.

Take part in On Your Feet Britain - the national activity awareness day when 2 million desk-based workers across Britain participate in a variety of dun and simple activities to #SitLess and #MoveMore at work.

Wiggle it. Waggle it.
Just don't sit on it.

Taking place this year on Thursday 28 April 2022, with a NEW LOOK and revamped materials, plus a day of exciting active events to get us all moving more.

On Your Feet Britain is a FREE and FUN way to reboot and energize your workplace habits. This year we're looking forward to seeing how every worker gets active for the #BigWiggle - where your desk may be.

On Your Feet Britain
Top Tips To Get On Your Feet - Click image to download more.

Did you know? British people sit for 8.9 hours each day (on average)

In recent years a variety of major international research has produced compelling evidence that sitting for more than 4 hours each day leads to:

  • Enzymes responsible for burning harmful blood fats shutting down
  • Reduced calorie burning (Metabolic rate)
  • Disrupted blood sugar levels
  • Increased insulin and blood pressure levels
  • Leg muscles switching off.
Discover more about creating an active workplace and workplace wellbeing here.

Challenge Yourself!

Check out the challenge page for fun and easy ideas for On Your Feet Britain activities. Why not organise or take part in a team challenge?

Join up with colleagues to compete for activity levels against other teams within your organisation. It's easier than you think, and here are some simple ideas to help you get started:

  • Stand during phone calls
  • Stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  • Use the stairs more
  • Arrange standing or walking meetings
  • East your lunch away from your desk
  • Walk to a colleague's desk instead of phoning or emailing them
  • Stand at the back of the room during presentations
More Challenge Ideas

Download Resources

Register to take part in the On Your Feet Britain campaign and download your resources to help create your own active workforce.

£500,000 Giveaway

In celebration of On Your Feet Britain, the official campaign sponsors Sit-Stand.Com is donating up to £500,000 of active office solutions to help you #MoveMore #SitLess every day.

Find out more and how to take part here.

Get Britain Standing

Get an introduction to Active Working on the Get Britain Standing website and contact them directly for a FREE introductory meeting.

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