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Active Lincolnshire is committed to providing opportunities for everyone in Lincolnshire to be active every day. We work with partners to address inequalities and inactivity, responding to the needs of people and places.

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Active Achievement Award Finalists

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The Active Achievement Award celebrates an individual or small group of people for a personal physical or sporting achievement that was a significant accomplishment for them. The award recognises a wide variety of accomplishments, no matter how big or small, as long as they are personally significant.

Our Finalists

Dom and Peter Brister

Following the death of his younger brother Edward in 2018 due to an undiagnosed heart condition, Dom Brister and his father Peter have done something physical every year to honour Ed, and also to raise awareness around mental health, in particular men's mental health. Their aim is to get people talking about mental health and to raise money for mental health charity Don't Lose Hope.

Previous challenges have included two 24hr walks and three x 700mile+ bike rides, the pair have raised over £35k. This year Dom decided to walk from Ed's old flat in Warrington, straight back to Bourne. This journey of 156miles which was completed in 54 hours. Hundreds of people, many of whom had their own mental health stories to share, joined Dom on his journey walking alongside him at various points.

"With only two 20 minute stops, sleep deprivation and exhausted limbs was very real, but knowing that I was helping to get people talking was amazing."

Peter was Dom's safety driver throughout and with personal, corporate and private support, they raised over £23k!

Jael Maw

Jael Maw is a young and talented downhill mountain bike rider who has shown remarkable skills, passion, and dedication to the sport. Despite coming from one of the flattest areas of the country – Boston - Jael has developed a love and passion for mountain biking. She has competitively cycled for a long time across all disciplines – road, track, XC and cyclocross but has chosen to focus on Downhill. Jael regularly competes against riders from more mountainous areas, some of whom race in world championships She has competed in several races across the country this year and is currently ranked First in the Junior Women category in the British Cycling National Downhill Ranking (17/7/23)

Jael is not only a fast and fearless rider, but also a role model for other young girls who want to pursue their dreams in downhill mountain biking. She has achieved this in the face of massive turmoil in her personal life. Last year, in the midst of Jael’s GCSEs her dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This devastating news inspired Jael to fulfil her dream of being a DH racer. She wanted to embark on this adventure with her dad, a massive mountain bike fan/rider and despite considerable adversity with him having to receive debilitating chemotherapy and deal with horrendous side effects. Sadly since the original nomination was made, Jael’s dad has passed away. Our thoughts are with Jael and her family.

Steve Robinson

In 2022, Steve Robinson decided that he wanted to improve his physical health and needed to set himself a target to work towards. To coincide with his employers 100 year anniversary, he set himself the challenge of swimming 100 miles over the course of the year. Steve started his journey in January 2023, building up his fitness and endurance with every stroke, length and session he undertook. Before his first swim, Steve weighed in at 19 Stone 5lb. Committing to early morning swims before his work day had even started, Steve managed to increase his speed and stamina and therefore distance, and on 21st July 2023, he achieved his 100 mile target, 5 months early! He weighed in at 15 Stone 13lb. Enjoying the transformation and challenge of his journey, Steve pushed himself even further and entered the Great North Swim, an open water swim across Lake Windermere in June. A very different environment, but one that he relished and completed.

During the course of this year, Steve has had to deal with personal challenges affecting his mental health. His swimming challenge and other activities, as well as the support of his employer Nicholsons Accountants, have all played a part in supporting and improving his mental health and given him a focus and determination to challenge himself further. He has now set a new goal of 200 miles by the end of 2023, double his original target, as well as attempting a sprint triathlon in October 2023. Steve's commitment to his swimming, along with his openness about his mental health has inspired many of his colleagues to become more active and challenge themselves too, with a few joining him for the spring triathlon. Through swimming and other activities, Steve is working through the challenges he faces and is changing his life for the better.

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