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Active Lincolnshire is committed to providing opportunities for everyone in Lincolnshire to be active every day. We work with partners to address inequalities and inactivity, responding to the needs of people and places.

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As advocates for the positive power that physical activity has on everyone’s lives, we work in partnership to improve understanding, influence change, and tackle the challenge of inactivity.

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Impact on Health Award Finalists

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The Impact on Health Award recognises a programme or approach to physical activity that has improved the health and wellbeing of participants in Lincolnshire. This includes both physical and mental health. It may also recognise initiatives which promote an overall healthy lifestyle, or based around supporting and improving specific health outcomes; i.e. dementia, diabetes, cancer, obesity, poor mental health etc. This may include success in bringing together the health sector and the physical activity and sport sector.

Our Finalists

Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit is a physical activity programme which supports people living with or recovering from cancer. The programme, which is run by Lincoln City Foundation working with partners across the county, aims to help individuals to maintain or increase physical activity levels, focusing on low impact fitness designed to build back balance, posture, strength, and flexibility. Group sessions also allow individuals to connect with people with shared experiences, gain peer to peer support and enhance their mental wellbeing.

Over the last 12 months Fighting Fit has expanded across Lincolnshire and is now delivered in Lincoln, Mablethorpe, Gainsborough, Boston, Grantham and Bourne, meaning individuals living with cancer across the county can access support. As part of this expansion the programme has formed partnerships with Everyone Active, Boston United and Leisure SK, and has trained a workforce of 9 individuals in the Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation qualification. The programme additionally has ongoing referral partnerships with the NHS Integrated Care Board and the wider health system, and members of these bodies also sit on the programme’s steering group. To date the programme has received 146 referrals from sources including CNS, Radiography, Oncology, OT, Social Prescribers and Macmillan.

NW Counselling Hub: Walking and Talking in Nature

Walking and Talking in Nature is a group set up in May 2023 by NW Counselling Hub CIC in Lincoln. The free to attend group runs every Tuesday at Hartsholme Park in Lincoln, and is facilitated by an NWCH Therapist, who is also a qualified Herbalist.

The group aims to allow participants to combine the benefits of talking therapy, physical activity, making meaningful friendships and connections and being in nature, to have a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing. The group leader, Andrew is also a qualified Herbalist, so whilst walking around the park, he is able to talk and teach participants about the wildlife and nature around them. Andrew also practices mindfulness periodically throughout the walk, allowing participants to find themselves in the present moment and therefore improve mood, anxiety and depression.

Participants attending the group are finding that their mood is improving, they are less anxious and they are able to apply the mindfulness techniques to other aspects of their life, to reduce anxiety and depression in everyday life, not just in the time that they are attending Walking and Talking in Nature.

Stepping Stone Theatre for Mental Health

Stepping Stone Theatre in Gainsborough was founded by Kate and Bill Rodgers as a platform to give people living with mental health challenges a voice to share with others and tell others what it is like living with a mental illness. Bill and Kate run various groups that help to tackle the stigma of Mental Health and promote the physical and mental well-being of people in and around Gainsborough, from facilitating a weekly walking group "Stepping Stone Strollers", to a weekly singing session which is frequented by adult with physical and mental disabilities."

"SST activities makes a massive difference to all participants as it gives people who wouldn’t have the confidence to talk about their mental health a platform to do so, it is non-judgemental, and whilst the topic is always about mental health, the individuals mental health isn’t the focus but the individual is. Stepping Stone Theatre saved my life, if it hadn’t been for Bill and Kate I would not be here today. I have gained my confidence back. Since joining Stepping Stone Theatre I have started writing again (including sketches and scripts for various shows), gone back to full time work and started socialising again."

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