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Active Lincolnshire is committed to providing opportunities for everyone in Lincolnshire to be active every day. We work with partners to address inequalities and inactivity, responding to the needs of people and places.

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As advocates for the positive power that physical activity has on everyone’s lives, we work in partnership to improve understanding, influence change, and tackle the challenge of inactivity.

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Outstanding Service to Sport & Physical Activity Award Finalists

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This award recognises an individual, group or organisation who have made an outstanding contribution to providing opportunities for people to have a positive experience of physical activity. It celebrates those who have impacted a wide range of people to improve their access, involvement and / or enjoyment of sport or other physical activity - especially for those who are currently less active and facing barriers to participation.

Our Finalists

Boston United Community Foundation

Boston United Community Foundation (BUFCCF) has been an integral part of their local community since its inception in 2004. Through their work, they have sparked positive change and uplifted the spirits of people from diverse backgrounds and of all ages. In close collaboration with Boston United Football Club, they have cultivated an exciting and engaging programme encouraging people of all abilities and circumstances to take part in sports and physical activities. By breaking down barriers and providing opportunities for all, they have enriched the lives of many who might not have otherwise have had opportunities to participate. BUFCCF's impact extends well beyond the playing field, fostering holistic development that embraces physical health and emotional well-being. Through their Education and Employability, Football, and Health pillars, they have executed many projects contributing to the creation of a stronger, more connected community.

Over the past year, BUFCCF's core activities attracted over 3000 attendees per week, comprising 44 football teams with over 700 players actively participating in local and national leagues. Additionally, the United Cheer Team provides unique opportunities for recreational and competitive Cheerleading, engaging over 70 individuals. Their collaborative efforts with local schools, education providers, community organisations, and local businesses have cemented a sense of unity and cohesion within Boston. Their initiatives have led to healthier lifestyles, bolstered self-confidence, and deepened social cohesion, benefitting not only the people of Boston but also extending their positive influence to surrounding towns.

Paul Fowler (100% Swimming & 100% Tri)

Paul Fowler established 100% Swimming and 100% Tri in 2010 to provide coaching and events for the community in Lincolnshire. Paul has consistently supported the community ever since and has been instrumental in the development of open water swimming and multisport in the county. Giving selflessly of his time he has supported grass roots, clubs, individuals new to sport, aspiring elite and age group athletes.

100% Swimming work in the community creating mainstream and target group opportunities for physical activity. Paul has created a positive and inclusive environment that encourages participation for everyone regardless of age, gender or ability. They have expanded their community engagement into volunteering and in turn importantly supported those volunteers to grow and develop their own delivery and support. They have worked hard on developing a cold water swim programme supporting both physical and mental health. In response to the current economic climate Paul has removed costs where possible to encourage engagement, including the introduction of free adult triathlon coaching days and free events for juniors. The club has created and supported a free Ladies Novice Tri Team, supporting 15 ladies completely with training plans, training days, online support, kit, team days and even team suits. Paul also provides aquatic training sessions to support local Lincolnshire clubs and individuals including Louth Tri, Lincoln Tri, Boston Tri, Boston Swimming Club, Sleaford Tri, Skegness Triathlon. This year, Paul will see and advise more than 1400 people through his work.

Ghada Mohamed (Lincoln Muslim Sister Forum)

Gadha Mohamad from Lincoln Muslim Sister Forum has been recognised for this award due to her dedication to her community, organising well-being events during the last 12 months including football, walks and social events and a family Eid fun fair in Waddington. The events all aim to promote wellbeing and tackle isolation within her community. Their youth football club has given young people the opportunity to integrate with children from different backgrounds and play together. The Eid fun fair had around 150 people attend the event, enjoying a picnic where they could try different food and visiting Doddington Hall garden. It was a great opportunity to people from different cultures to come together, have fun time and promote wellness. Lincoln Muslim sister Forum is a member of the Lincolnshire Faith Council within The Centre for Reconciliation.

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