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Social Prescribing Case Study

Walking to improve confidence and combat loneliness

This case study, shared by Lincolnshire CVS, shows how Davina (not her real name) was helped by a social prescribing Link Worker to access a local walking group.

The Challenge

Davina (not her real name) was referred into Social Prescribing as she has been engaging well with CMHT and wanted to progress into community groups with continued support. The Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) were supporting Davina to address her agoraphobia after not leaving her home for 3 years. CMHT has enabled Davina to leave her home and start going to the shops and for short walks which was significant progress for Davina. As Davina’s mental health, behaviours and confidence have improved, the next step was for Davinia to find new groups of interest to her and to meet new people to develop her life further.

In addition, carer support was put in place for her husband and Davina now needs support to get out independently without him or the CHMT.

Davina wants to become involved in her community to support with developing her role and purpose in her life as the next step. This would also enable her husband to have his own time to get out in the community independently, knowing that Davina has the support she needs. All these dynamics would enable continued building confidence by accessing groups and meeting new people.

The Action

The Link Worker initially built rapport with Davina and found that she was interested in finding and joining a walking group as a healthy activity where she could meet new people too. In addition, what groups and services are available in the local community were also discussed and signposting to online courses, art groups, mental health support courses, mindfulness activities, social groups and clubs, BHive Community Hub and workshops was given.

After discussions with Davina, the following goals were set by her:

Increase confidence going out – initially through socially distanced walks with Link Worker.

To find and join a walking group – information on local walking groups was identified by Link Worker and discussed with Davina for her to choose the Best Foot Forward walking group. Davina was very frightened about attending this group and on the first visit Davina was supported by her husband and Link Worker. Then Davina was able to attend with just the Link Worker and started to socailise and become familiar with the other members. When Davina was comfortable and able to, she attended independently.

The Outcome

“Social Prescribing is a great experience and I would recommend to everyone who needs support to get involved in the community”

Davina has been a member of the Best Foot Forward Walking group for the past 2 years and has gone from someone unable to go to a group independently or to socailise with the other members, to now knowing all the current members birthdays and baking for each one on their birthday.

Davina reports that her mental health has completely changed and she her confidence ad self-esteem have never been as good as they are today. Davina is now looking to start working after many years of being unwell enough to work and feels more in control of her life and her future.

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