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Meet Our Winners - Inclusion & Diversity Award

Meet Our Winners - Inclusion & Diversity Award

Our Inclusion and Diversity Award Winner -Royal Vulcans Cheer & Dance

Set up in 2018, to give children and young people the choice of becoming part of a team and having the opportunity to benefit from every lesson, positive experience and shared effort that goes hand-in-hand with that, Royal Vulcans Cheer and Dance (RVCD) is a place where all abilities are equal. And none are more important than peer-to-peer support.

Created by Beth Warwick, a professional singer and dancer, through RVCD Beth was able to use her childhood experiences in dance, cheer, music and theatre to not only build a career she truly loves, but a hub to help the youngest people in her community have fun while improving their fitness and wellbeing in an environment that encourages members to lift each other up - more often than not, quite literally.

The group picked up the Inclusion & Diversity Award, sponsored by England Golf, at this year's Lincolnshire Sport & Physical Activity Awards in recognition of the fantastic work they do to support young people in the local area and provide inclusive opportunities for being active.


“I particularly wanted to enable youngsters who find it difficult to access these kinds of activities to have somewhere to go, to achieve and to excel,” explained Beth. “With the help of my team, in a short period, we have trained athletes - some with a huge range of needs - to compete at a national level and come away with multiple winning titles.

“Once you’re a Vulcan, you’re a Vulcan. Regardless of their needs, a child is never refused a place provided they can be safely accommodated in our squads. Two people came to the first class, and it’s slowly built to where we are today – 85 students, six teams, with children aged 3 to 16.”


Across regional and national championships, in all categories, Beth’s teams are bringing home gold, after gold, after gold. Each team, every team. On the RVCD squads, currently, are children with additional needs including Asperger's, autism, ADHD, hearing loss, behavioural issues, attachment disorder, dyspraxia, communication processing disorders, health issues, and sensory issues.

By recruiting experienced staff and volunteers Beth has been able to include all of these young people in a high-level national competitive sport. Guided, a lot of the time, by the students themselves and their own sense of inclusivity.

Royal Vulcans Cheer & Dance


“Some of these young people have told me they have been turned away from other clubs and teams because of their needs,” said Beth. “Some of these children have been excluded from schools because of their negative attitudes and behaviour and have turned themselves around with our support, and two have even now become part of my coaching team!

“But the drive for inclusion can be seen across the board. The children encourage each other to be their best selves, to take part and challenge themselves too. When you see each team including other members who have different abilities, it really does make you proud. They don’t see differences, just teammates.

“Seeing the kids learn new skills that they don’t think they’ll be able to master – it blows my mind. It’s almost as though you can see their confidence building in front of your eyes, which is something I didn’t have during my experience. That negativity was something I didn’t want to have any place for at RVCD.


“It is so important to me to continue to give children opportunities to be active,” continued Beth. “The majority of children don’t have access to sort of groups and so many we see don’t even know where their nearest parks are in all honesty. The importance of getting away from technology for a while and recognising there is more to life is so important. Feeling the joy in being involved in something bigger than yourself.

“The positive impact just moving has on our mental health is widely known now - combine that with the sense of belonging and family and the help it gives the kids is tangible. Feeling responsible for something and the responsibility of being in a community; it’s priceless.”

There is no doubt that Beth and her Royal Vulcans deserved to take home the Inclusion & Diversity Award at this year’s Lincolnshire Sport & Physical Activity Awards.

Thank you to Inclusion & Diversity Award Sponsor England Golf for supporting this award.

England Golf