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NK Cycling Hub arrives to support Wheels for Life & other cycling initiatives to get people active in 2024

NK Cycling Hub arrives to support Wheels for Life & other cycling initiatives to get people active in 2024

The NK Cycling Hub has arrived at One NK in North Hykeham, ready to get people cycling in 2024! The bus, donated by North Kesteven District Council, has been converted into a workshop to host the Wheels for Life project.

Wheels for Life is a new scheme for bike donation, being overseen by Active Lincolnshire, which will take pre-loved bikes and bring them back to a usable condition for them to be gifted to people who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the varied benefits of owning and using a bike. The scheme is now up and running in North Hykeham with two donation points now receiving bikes at One NK and Better Gym Sleaford.

Wheels For Life and OneNK are encouraging people to search their garages and sheds for any unloved and unused bike that can be donated. It is recommended that bikes donated are adult and older children’s bikes in a useable or repairable condition.

When the bikes arrive to their hub, they are repaired and fully serviced by volunteers to ensure that they have a long service life when they reach their new homes. The bikes will then be gifted to local people along with a cyclist starter kit, including safety equipment and training. The team at One NK will also support referrals for the scheme ensuring that bikes are given to those in transport poverty as well as encouraging people to take up cycling to improve their health and wellbeing, particularly supporting those with long-term conditions.

The NK Bus will also support other cycling initiatives in the area and ties in with the North Kesteven Cycling Strategy. ‘Wheels for All’, a scheme that provides specially adapt bikes for disabled people who would otherwise not be able to cycle. This is the first accredited site in the East Midlands to support the initiative. ‘Led Rides’ are available for people who want to meet up, ride socially and have a drink afterwards, helping to support people get active, contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing.

North Kesteven District Council Leader Councillor Richard Wright said,

“The various strands of Wheels for Life and the NK Cycling Hub hosted at ONE NK each contribute to a more active, connected District; advancing a number of our strategic aims for more active participation in ways that promote better personal, physical, mental and environmental wellbeing.

In line with the Council’s existing cycle and physical wellbeing strategies encouraging greater take-up of cycling as a healthy exercise option, the initiative to get more people pedalling also aligns with measures to promote more climate-conscious travel choices that reduce car use and reliance and contribute to community wellbeing and cleaner air.

The broader aims of the NK Cycling Hub seek to encourage people to take up cycling as an activity to improve their overall health and wellbeing, as well as managing certain long-term health conditions, and contribute to further cycling initiatives and endeavours, aligning with the North Kesteven Cycling Strategy.

By making good use of the bus which housed The Pod mobile youth provision a decade or more ago, and transforming into a vibrant, functional bike workshop, Wheels for Life ensures that cycling becomes accessible to all, promoting wellbeing and inclusivity. As an initiative that not only breathes new life into old bikes but provides valuable opportunities for those who need them most it will really support us in our vision for a District of Flourishing Communities.”

The bus will be officially launched as part of a three day event from 26th-28th January, welcoming residents to come along and find out more about how to get involved in cycling in their local area.

To see the refurbishment of the bus please go online to

Would you like to donate a bike to the scheme? It is recommended that bikes donated are adult and older children’s bikes in a useable and repairable condition. For more information on how to donate please go online to

Interested in finding out how you can receive a bike from the scheme? Please go online to